10 Common Ploys Insurance Companies Use to Reduce the Value of Your Claim

Insurance adjuster discussing their claim

It’s easy to forget that insurance companies are a business. As such their goal is to make money and grow profit margins. For this reason, insurance companies have an interest in denying part – or even all – of your claim and will use various tactics to do so. Here are 10 common ploys insurance companies will use to reduce the value of your claim.

1. They’ll hire a private investigator. 

For larger claims, insurance companies will sometimes hire a private investigator to keep an eye on you. Their goal is to catch – and document – you doing something that you allege not to be able to do.

2. They’ll hire a physician to do a medical examination.

At times an insurance company will hire a physician to conduct his or her own examination of the claimant. The issue with this is that these individuals will often be biased towards the entity holding the purse strings. 

3. They’ll keep an eye on your social media.

It’s important to assume that anyone can see any of your social media accounts at any time, regardless of whether or not your profile is set to private. Often insurance companies will keep an eye on your social media accounts to catch you posting anything that could appear contradictory to what you’ve alleged.

4. They’ll call you immediately after the accident.

Immediately after an accident it’s likely that you’ll be running on pure emotion and won’t be thinking of things in a legal frame. This is often when insurance companies will place a call to you. Regardless of how friendly the adjuster may seem, he or she is not on your side. And since these calls are recorded, anything at all that you say could be used against you to lower the value of your claim.

5. They’ll offer you an “attractive” settlement ASAP.

When you’ve been injured and have mounting medical bills with reduced income as a result, you may feel that signing a quick settlement would be the best option. However, it’s important to understand that once you accept a settlement you are no longer entitled to any additional compensation. Since it may take some time to realize the full extent of your injuries, rushing to sign may end up paying you less than what your claim is truly worth.

6. They’ll request your medical records.

It seems to be reasonable that an insurance company would request your medical records after you’ve been injured. However, often the goal of this request is to gain access to all of your records in an attempt to blame your injuries on a pre-existing condition. 

7. They’ll question the care you received.

In order to get better, it’s always in your best interest to follow your doctor’s treatment plan. Unfortunately, at times insurance companies will try to tell you that some of this treatment was unnecessary. However, keep in mind that your adjuster is not a medical professional.

8. They’ll call your injury into question.

Insurance companies will often use your property damage as evidence that you could not have been injured to the extend that you claim. However, this is often done to see if they can get you to drop your claim. 

9. They’ll keep putting you off.

One of the most common ploys that insurance companies will use to reduce the value of your claim (often to nothing) is to stall for as long as possible. Since this can be so frustrating, people will often give up all together. 

10. They’ll try to convince you not to hire an attorney.

Finally, the last common ploy that insurance companies will use to reduce the value of your claim is to try to convince you that you don’t need an attorney, who will only serve to take some of your money (a fee). However, what many insurance companies don’t tell you is that those who hire a qualified lawyer re more likely to receive a higher settlement than those who proceed without representation.

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