Neck and Back Accident Injuries

MPJ Law Firm gives an overview of the most common neck and back car accident injuries.

Injury to the spine is a frequent result of being involved in a car crash. The injuries can range from minor to severe and temporary to permanent. Spinal injuries can have serious consequences for the health, well-being, and mobility of an accident injury victim. The car accident doesn’t need a high-velocity impact or severe property damage for a person involved to sustain a serious spinal injury. The spine, comprised of the cervical vertebrae (neck), thoracic vertebrae (upper back), and lumbar vertebrae (lower back), are very susceptible to injury when there is a sudden movement and exertion of force. When a car slams into something, people in the vehicle are subject to the opposing force and can put a large amount of pressure on the neck and back resulting in injury.

Common Neck and Back Accident Injuries

The spine is a complex network of discs, muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments. Damage to any of these things can have devastating consequences. Injury to the thoracic spine tends to be the most serious. The thoracic spine connects the ribs and chest areas. A sprain or fracture to the thoracic spine can result in permanent nerve damage.

The lumbar spine is the lower back region and has the spine’s largest vertebrae which are essential for stability. Car accident injury victims may have experienced a sprain in the lumbar spine. A sprain means that the ligaments in the spine have been damaged. A strain in the lumbar spine may also occur which means that the spine’s ligaments, tendons, or muscles have been stretched. Either a sprain or a strain in the lumbar spine can mean significant pain for the injury victim. It may also limit the person’s mobility and ability to perform normal, everyday functions.

The neck area is also particularly susceptible to injury in a car accident. Often, the head is pushed forward suddenly with the force of impact and then snaps back quickly resulting in what is commonly referred to as “whiplash.” Whiplash can leave the victim with pain and tenderness in the neck area as well as limited ability to move or turn the head and neck.

Herniated discs in the spine are also common in car accident victims. The discs of the spinal column act as cushions to separate the vertebrae, preventing them from rubbing together, and, thus, protecting the spine. When a disc is herniated, heightened pressure is placed on either the spinal cord itself or surrounding nerves. A herniated disc can lead to numbness and severe pain.

Helping Accident Injury Victims Get the Compensation They Deserve

If you have sustained a neck or back injury in an accident caused by the negligence of another, you deserve to be properly compensated for the losses you have sustained. Compensation may include the cost of medical care as well as the cost of future medical treatment and lost income. MPJ Law Firm is here to fight for you. Contact us today.

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