New Report Finds Sudden Air Loss Caused NM Bus Accident

What can cause a tire to suddenly lose air?

Investigations have continued into the cause of the fatal New Mexico bus accident which killed seven passengers and the driver, along with injuring 39 others, this past August. The Greyhound bus was traveling west along Interstate 40 when a semi-truck headed in the opposite direction suddenly veered across the median and crashed head-on into the bus.  The force of the accident caused the front of the bus to become mangled, while the semi-trailer flipped. For the survivors of the Greyhound accident, life will likely never be the same as they deal with the memories of the traumatic crash. Now, investigators have more answers as to what caused the truck to lose control.

Tire Failure Explored

A federal report released by the National Transportation Safety Board reveals that the semi-truck’s left front tire had experienced sudden air loss just prior to colliding with the Greyhound bus.  While investigations will continue, specifically looking into the driver’s training and performance, the tire failure appears to have undoubtedly played a role in the crash.

Tire failure, like that experienced by the semi-truck that rammed into the bus, is more common than most of us realize.  Most of the time, the tire failure could have been prevented had the tire been timely replaced or maintained. Studies show that the number one cause of tire failure is under inflation.  Under-inflated tires will flex more in the sidewall, causing them to heat up while being driven beyond normal temperatures. Overtime, the rubber may begin to prematurely degrade due to the extensive temperatures.  Eventually, the sidewall or tread may rupture, causing sudden air loss.

Other causes of tire failure include irregular wear of the tire due to mechanical issues within the vehicle and tire defects due to manufacturer error.  If a vehicle suffers from wheel misalignment, it can cause the tire to wear in an uneven manner, eventually leading to failure of the tire. Further, at times tires are subject to serious defaults that cause sudden failure.  If you are injured in a tire related accident, contact a personal injury attorney for assistance right away.

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