The Color of Your Car May Increase Your Likelihood of an Accident

Black limousine

When shopping for a car, we tend to look at color purely as a matter of personal taste. And while it is, there may be more to the color of your car than you think. In fact, certain colors may prove safer than others, while others may actually increase your likelihood of being involved in an accident. 

So which colors are riskier and which are safer? According to a study conducted by Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, white cars are 12 percent less likely to be involved in a crash than black cars. Other risky colors include grey, silver, blue, and red – in that order. Not only are cars of these colors more likely to be involved in an accident, but also they are more likely to be stolen. But what makes some car colors safer than others?

The Visibility Theory

While there has yet to be research that proves exactly why white cars are the safest on the market, there has been some conjecture. Many people believe that white cars are the safest because they contrast the most against common backgrounds and therefore stand out more fully in poor lighting or inclement weather. There’s no denying that the white color against the black roads. This may be why cream, beige, yellow, and gold cars are involved in fewer accidents. (After all, lines on the road are painted in white or yellow). Other safe colors include orange and lime green, as there isn’t anything in nature of the same color. However, these colors are rarely an option. 

Once you understand the visibility theory, it would also make sense that black cars are the most dangerous because they stand out the least. They blend in with the black roads and the darkness at night. Additionally, blue cars are also riskier in that they sometimes camouflage with the sky during daylight hours only to blend in with the sky at nighttime. 

Deciding Upon a Color for Your Car

Despite the increased risk of certain car colors, where you commonly drive may also play a role. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong color, but one that should be considered with your specific environment and driving habits in mind. 

No matter which color you decide on, it’s important to know that the color of your car is not the only contributing factor when it comes to car accidents. Other factors include things like focus, speed, sobriety, distractions, reaction time, and experience.  

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