5 Tips to Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle During the Summer

Man on a motorcycle during the summer.

Few things are more enjoyable during the summer months than hopping on the back of your motorcycle and driving down the road with a breeze in your hair and no cares in the world. But although it can be extremely relaxing, it can also prove extremely dangerous. So before you get riding, follow these 5 tips to stay safe on your motorcycle during the summer. 

1. Dress in Appropriate Seasonal Gear

You wouldn’t wear your winter clothes in the summer or your summer clothes in the winter. Instead you dress appropriately for the time of year. The same can be said for the motorcycle gear that you wear. Whether it’s your helmet and gloves or eyewear and footwear, these articles are made much lighter for the summer months. Not only will wearing them keep you safe, but they’ll also keep you more comfortable. 

2. Plan Ahead for the Weather

Have you ever been enjoying a nice day at the pool when suddenly the skies turn dark and open up? Unfortunately, changes in the weather commonly occur not only day-to-day, but also hour-to-hour during the summer months. That’s why it’s so important that you check ahead for the weather forecast. Simply knowing that it’s going to get colder or rain later in the day, you can be sure that you’ll always be dressed appropriately. 

3. Be Respectful of All Laws

Just because you’re able to weave in and out of traffic on your motorcycle to get ahead doesn’t mean that you should. Although the size of a motorcycle makes it easier to maneuver your bike in certain ways, you are still obligated to abide by the rules of the road. Additionally, the size of a motorcycle makes it more difficult for other drivers to see you. Therefore it’s imperative that you always drive defensively, assuming you can’t be seen. 

4. Ensure Your Tires Are in Good Condition

When your tire pressure is lower it can negatively impact your ability to drive your motorcycle. And since tire pressure can often drop significantly during the winter months it’s extremely important that you check on them before each ride. In addition to the pressure, you should also check your tire tread. Once the tread on your tires is worn even the smallest bit you need to replace them as soon as possible.

5. Always Check the Status of Your Brakes

Few parts of your motorcycle are as important as your brakes. That’s why you must test them regularly:

  • Squeeze your front brake lever and press on the rear brake pedal.
  • Check to make sure that you brake fluid is at an acceptable level.
  • Use a flashlight to check the calipers on both your front and rear brakes to determine how much brake pad material is remaining.

If you are uncertain about any of these things, it’s always best to have your bike looked at by a professional mechanic. 

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