Can Social Media Negatively Impact Your Personal Injury Claim?

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According to the Statistics Portal, nearly 2.5 billion people all over the world use social media networks. This equates to over 60 percent of adults and nearly 30 percent of the world’s population. 

Social media has done a lot of really amazing things. From connecting family and friends who are far apart, to connecting strangers to others with similar problems or interests, it has proven very beneficial. However, though it has provided many good things, it has many downsides. One such downside? Negatively impacting your personal injury case

The job of an insurance adjuster is to save money for the insurance company. This is why they will look for any reason to minimize your claim. One method that they often use to do this is to search your social media accounts in the hope of discovering any information that can be used against you by contradicting your claim and therefore reducing your potential recovery.

Where can social media impact your personal injury claim?

Many aspects of your claim will be questioned because of social media. These include:

1. The extent of your injuries

Most people use social media to share the best aspects of their lives. For instance, a mother will post pictures of her children hugging – not of them fighting 10 minutes ago. They usually do not utilize these mediums as a means of sharing all of their negatives and struggles. But while you may think they are just pictures, posting what you feel is an innocent photo or being tagged in one by someone else, can raise questions regarding the true extent of your injuries. The insurance company may argue that you look just fine and you have no pictures demonstrating otherwise. 

2. Your amount of damages

Even the simplest picture of you at lunch with your friend can be used to diminish your claim for damages. The opposing party may assert that you don’t appear to be in pain or that you must not have financial hardships that you claim to have if you are out to eat. It doesn’t matter that you sat in discomfort the whole time or that your friend treated you to a meal in an attempt to cheer you up. Unfortunately, such photos can be used to argue for a smaller settlement than what you deserve.

3. Your true emotional state

Sometimes you may be entitled to claim damages for emotional stress. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sleep at night or can’t get through a day without breaking down; if you post a picture of you smiling with friends it can be used against you to assert that you aren’t having a very difficult time and therefore have no need for compensation for emotional distress. 

The simplest things can be used to your disadvantage. From comments and posts to pictures and check-ins, your case can be very quickly harmed. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have set your information to “private.” Always assume that anything that you post online can be seen by anyone else. That’s why it is a good idea not to post anything – or even take a break from social media until your case has been completed. 

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