Fireworks Safety

Fireworks safety tips for summer season.

Are fireworks sold for personal use safe?

A recent explosion at a fireworks storage facility in New Mexico has highlighted the potentially volatile nature of these explosives.  In early June, some of the fireworks held within the Roswell Industrial Air Center exploded as firefighters were packing them for a fireworks show.  Two firefighters sustained life threatening injuries, while ten others suffered minor injuries. Investigations are still underway as to what exactly caused the explosion.  In light of this frightening fireworks accident and the past Fourth of July holiday, our Albuquerque, New Mexico personal injury attorneys offer some fireworks safety tips below.

Preventing Fireworks Accidents 

Fireworks are synonymous with summer fun and the holidays. While a fireworks show is beautiful, attempting to set off your own fireworks can be dangerous. Each year, several people will die and over 10,000 will be injured severely enough to require medical attention. At least half of these injuries involve children and teens.  Most fireworks accidents happen when amateurs attempt to use illegal or homemade fireworks.

In addition to inflicting personal injuries, fireworks accidents often cause fires. With temperatures soaring and many areas experiencing low rainfall, fires can spread rapidly. Fires can destroy your home, vehicle, and even entire towns.

Setting off your own fireworks

Should you decide to set off your own fireworks this summer, you will first want to select a safe type of firework.  Never purchase fireworks that are banned in your state. Professional grade fireworks can prove deadly in unprofessional hands.  Also, never make your own fireworks or buy those made by an amateur. Handmade fireworks might have incorrect levels of explosives, making them extremely dangerous.

If you are purchasing safe, consumer-friendly fireworks, you should observe the following:

  • Never light fireworks inside or under trees
  • Do not allow young children to handle fireworks
  • Do not use fireworks when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol 
  • Have a bucket of water nearby to extinguish any fires or fireworks that do not go off
  • Do not hold lit fireworks in your hand 
  • Wear protective eyewear 
  • Never point fireworks at others
  • Be sure all children and adults are away from the area when you light a firework
  • Do not attempt to relight malfunctioning fireworks 

If you or a loved one sustains a fireworks related injury, contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. 

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