What Causes Serious Injuries in a Slip and Fall Accident?

woman slipping and falling in office space, man helping her

When people think about slipping and falling, they often picture a minor incident in which they are sore for a couple of days. However, slip and fall accidents often result in very serious injuries. Slip and falls are one of the most common types of accidents in which people are injured. Unfortunately, many people believe that they are at fault for their own fall even when this isn’t the case. As a result, they end up paying the price – both literally and figuratively. 

Slip and fall accidents are often caused by the negligence or recklessness of the owner of a property or business. When someone allows for a dangerous condition to remain on their property without removing it or providing the appropriate warnings, he or she may be held liable for an individual who slips, trips, and falls, injuring themselves. So what situations result in some of the most serious slip and fall accident injuries? Here are some of the most common causes. 

1. Bad Flooring or Surfaces

One of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents is wet or uneven flooring. It is the responsibility of the property owner to inspect their property on a regular basis in order to repair any hazardous that they encounter. If they are not yet able to remove or repair the dangerous hazard, they have a duty to block off the unsafe area or to put up clear warning signs so that people can avoid injury. Common flooring issues leading to slip and fall accidents include:

  • Icy or wet sidewalks, parking lots, or entrances
  • Liquids that are spilled and not promptly cleaned
  • Potholes or cracks in asphalt
  • Slippery flooring due to waxing or other cleaning measures
  • Loose rugs or flooring
  • Uneven flooring or pavement

2. Hazardous Environmental Conditions

Also leading to serious injuries from slip and fall accidents are hazardous environmental conditions. This may include:

  • Lack of adequate lighting
  • Unsecured electrical wires
  • Debris or trash on the floor

3. Defective Handrails and Stairways

Another common cause of slip and fall accidents is defective handrails or stairways. It is the duty of the property owner or business to maintain these areas. Therefore, if the handrails or stairs on a property are loose or broken, they have a duty to fix them right away and to block them off and warn people in the meantime. 

4. Poor Weather

While the weather remains out of our control, the results of it are the responsibility of property and business owners. In other words, if it snows, excessively rains, or becomes icy on the property, it is their duty to remove it and to post clear and visible warning signs expressing the danger. If someone falls and they fail to do so, they could be held liable. 

5. Inefficient or Lack of Training

In order to best prevent slip and fall accidents, businesses must remain aware of how to quickly spot potential dangers and remove them and/or warn people. Unfortunately, many employees don’t receive the proper training for this, nor do they receive the proper safety equipment or tools. 

MPJ Law Firm Can Help Those in NM Who Have Been Injured in a Slip-and-Fall Accident 

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, it can greatly impact your life. It can be difficult enough to deal with your substantial injuries, but it can be even harder when you are left to pick up the pieces financially. You should never have to pay the price for someone else’s mistakes. 

At MPJ Law Firm, we have a deep understanding of personal injury accidents and understand the effects that such accidents often have on just about all aspects of your life. We will always act in your best interest. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today!

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