Wrongful Death

Nothing hurts more than losing a loved one. It is a tragic fact that many wrongful death lawsuits occur as a result of negligence. A  lawsuit can’t bring the person you love back, but it can help you get compensation for your loss.

A wrongful death action arises when a person is killed as the result of negligence, product liability, or malice on the part of another person. Negligence might occur in a situation like an automobile or airplane accident, an accident at a workplace, or medical malpractice. The manufacturer of dangerous products might be strictly liable for deaths caused by faulty or unreasonably dangerous products, such as an unsafe automobile or drugs with dangerous side effects. Intentional violence that causes death can also be covered by this lawsuit. In that situation, the person or persons responsible may also be prosecuted under criminal law. Close family members and sometimes other dependents can sue to recover damages that result from a wrongful death.

Families of the victim often feel pursuing legal action will only increase their feelings of distress. Some families do not immediately realize the impact a wrongful death can have on their lives, so contacting an attorney is always a good idea. Our attorneys understand the delicacy of this lawsuit and will try to resolve it as quickly as possible in a sensitive, tactful manner.

Wrongful death suits can recover the expenses associated with the death itself, in addition to any loss of salary, benefits, pain and suffering, companionship, and other factors that will increase the burden on the family already suffering a grave loss. Since all wrongful death suits will differ, we can help you determine what compensation each family member can seek based on the relationship between the victim and the individual survivor.

Our firm has the resources and knowledge necessary to expedite this lawsuit in a successful manner. While no amount of money can replace a victim, one need not suffer financial losses because of someone else’s negligence. Contact our office for the support you deserve.

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