About MPJ Law Firm – Rio Rancho Personal Injury Lawyers

At MPJ Law Firm, a personal injury practice located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, our talented team is dedicated to serving you with integrity and compassion. We are well aware that severe personal injuries have far-reaching consequences, affecting not only the victim but the victim’s loved ones. When someone else is responsible for your injuries, you have the legal right to be fairly compensated for your expenses and your suffering.

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The Lead Attorney Sets the Tone

Our lead attorney, Michael P. Jasso, is experienced in all aspects of personal injury law as well as in a wide range of insurance matters. He is therefore highly capable of navigating the complexities of your case and bringing it to a successful conclusion. You should be aware that trying to navigate a personal injury claim without a competent lawyer is not only taxing, but risky, since many times insurance companies will not take your claim seriously unless you are represented by an attorney.

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Insurance Not Paying You?

As a matter of fact, insurance companies will often offer you substantially less than your claim is worth unless they know you are teamed up with an experienced legal professional. Insurance companies are much more careful to obey the rules when their adversary is knowledgeable and capable of getting them into trouble if they engage in underhanded behavior. It is well-known that insurance companies frequently try to put one over on their customers in first-party claims, claims in which you are filing a claim against your own insurance company because the other party involved in the accident was not properly insured. In this situation, if we can prove that your insurance company is low-balling you, you may be entitled to collect damages over and above those you are owed for the original claim.

Having MPJ at your side gives you the advantage in any personal injury case. As a comprehensive personal injury firm, we regularly deal with everything from vehicular accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice and nursing home abuse to construction defects and product liability. Our negotiation and litigation talents are well-honed and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.