Tesla Accident in Utah Investigated

What are the limitations of Tesla’s autopilot mode?

Tesla is back in the headlines with another accident involving the tech giant’s Autopilot driver assist mode. This accident happened in Utah when a 28-year-old driver rammed into a stationary fire truck traveling at over 60 miles per hour. Fortunately, she suffered just a minor injury in the crash. Investigations have confirmed that the vehicle was in Autopilot mode at the time of the crash, but additional information suggests that the driver’s actions played a large role in causing this serious car accident. Our Albuquerque car accident attorneys explore the cause of the Tesla accident and Autopilot limitations that vehicle users should keep in mind below.

Facts Surrounding the Tesla Accident

A lot of information is swirling on the internet about the Tesla Model S accident. According to the official report released by the South Jordan Police Department, the facts of the accident are as follows: The Tesla driver had toggled on Autopilot and active cruise control on several occasions during her trip the day of the accident. Several times, the driver removed her hands from the wheel and had to be prompted by the car to put them back on the wheel.

Seconds before the crash, the driver turned on Autopilot and the car continued at her preselected speed of 60 miles per hour. The driver’s hands were off the wheel at the time of the accident. Computer data from the car confirms that it did attempt to brake, and the driver’s hands went to the wheel, but not soon enough to avoid a collision.

Autopilot Mode Remains in Testing

Following this accident, police officials and Tesla itself is reminding Tesla users that Autopilot mode cannot be used in the absence of driver control. Tesla’s autopilot mode is still considered in its testing phases. Vehicle users must keep their hands on the wheel at all times and pay attention to the road ahead. While Autopilot mode can help to avoid an accident by braking or correcting the car if it observes an obstacle, it cannot be counted on to always take appropriate actions.

Tesla drivers and the drivers of other vehicles that feature semi-autonomous modes need to continue to focus on the task of driving at all times. Should an accident arise while the vehicle is in semi-autonomous mode, contact a personal injury attorney for assistance.

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