Fall Road Hazards that Can Cause Serious Accidents

Grey car damaged by fallen tree

When we think of inclement weather and dangerous driving conditions, we often think of the wintertime with its freezing rain and snow. However, what many people don’t realize is that the fall season has its own set of road hazards that make driving more dangerous. Here are a few of the riskier hazards that often lead to serious accidents in New Mexico. 

The temperature drops.

While winter is certainly colder than fall, the temperature begins to significantly drop from that of the summer season. This significant change in temperature to a colder one often negatively impacts car batteries. Many things can happen as a result of a faulty car battery. Aside from not being able to turn the car on, the battery can fail while the vehicle is in operation, causing difficulty with speed and control of its systems. When this happens, a driver can easily lose control of the vehicle, resulting in a car accident. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that your car battery is fully charged. 

The weather becomes rainier.

As fall moves along, it begins to rain more frequently. This causes roads to become slick and slippery, making traction more difficult. Therefore, if the tires on your vehicle are not well maintained, and their tread is worn, they are more likely to skid and you are more likely to crash into something – or someone. 

More tree parts fall to the ground.

Fall is known for the changing colors of tree leaves. But after these leaves change color they fall to the ground. Additionally, with the increase in rainy weather, more twigs and pine needles make their way onto cars, roads, and other surfaces. This debris from the trees may not seem like a big deal but it can decrease tire traction and make the road more slippery. Twigs and pine needles can also cause flat tires.

With school (and work) back in full swing, the roads become busier during the fall season. This combined with the temperature, rain, and tree debris can greatly increase the odds of finding yourself in an accident. That’s why more caution must be given in such conditions. This may mean slowing down in the rain and keeping your eyes on the road so as to avoid large debris. 

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