Hot Cars Can Prove Deadly

child in hot car

Each year, as summer approaches, many people are excited to enjoy the heat. But for too many people, a seemingly normal hot day can end in tragedy. Too often parents and caregivers accidentally leave sleeping babies in a hot car. Not only is this unintentional, but it is also devastating. You may wonder how this could happen. How could someone forget a child in the backseat?

Unfortunately, when we get into our daily routines, even the most dedicated parent can overlook something so important while exciting their vehicle – especially when the child is asleep. 

According to a report by USA Today, an average of 38 children has died in hot cars each year in the U.S. since 1998. The hot temperatures often result in heatstroke deaths when the child is locked in the car. Other times, a child dies of heatstroke when he or she sneaks into the car and can’t figure out a way out. 

Cracking Windows isn’t Enough

Even on days that may seem color, it’s been proven that the temperature inside of a car can heat up by 20 degrees in just 10 minutes. And while some may think that cracking the window will help, it doesn’t do nearly enough to prevent rapidly rising temperatures. 

Pets Are Also Susceptible to Brain Damage or Death

Many people bring their pets in the car with them on errands. But while they may unintentionally leave a child in the car, they intentionally leave their pets in the car for what they believe is a short period of time. Unfortunately, hot cars are also extremely dangerous for pets. According to PETA, animals can sustain brain damage or die from heatstroke in only 15 minutes. 

Since New Mexico often reaches 100 degrees during the summer, it’s extremely important to remain hyper-aware of what – and who – is left in your car. Never leave a child or a pet in the vehicle for any length of time. If you notice a vehicle in a parking lot in which there is a child or pet alone make sure that you notify the business so that they can take action. 

MPJ Law Firm Can Help Those in NM Who Lost a Loved One in a Hot Car Incident

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a hot car accident, it is devastating. When you are already dealing with so much grief, the last thing on your mind is taking a civil action against the person responsible. 

At MPJ Law Firm, we will always act in your best interest and work to help you receive the compensation that you deserve. Even though it can’t make up for what has happened, it can help you to move forward with your life. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today!

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