Back-to-School Safety Tips

MPJ Law Firm discusses several back-to-school safety tips for parents and children this school year.

As the school year is about to begin, along with it comes additional safety risks for your children. There are a few things that everyone should know to maintain their own safety and that of their kids. Here are three safety tips for kids going back to school this year.

3 Back-to-School Safety Tips

1. Getting to and from school

Unfortunately, we will not always there to protect our children. For the times that we are not, it is important to give them the knowledge and tools for getting to and from school safely. 

Regardless of how your children get to school – whether they walk, take the school bus, or ride their bike – they must understand how to stay safe. A great way of teaching them how to be safe is by going with them in the beginning. For example, if they walk to school, walk with them. By doing so, they will quickly learn how to do things on their own because they will have had the practice. 

It is also extremely important that kids understand the rules of the road, from only crossing at crosswalks to walking facing traffic, to riding with the traffic while on the bike, to crossing the bus at least 10 feet in front of it.

If you were to teach your children nothing else regarding transportation, you want to teach them the importance of staying attentive and alert at all times. By doing so, this allows them to identify dangers prior to an occurrence of injury.

2. Transporting books and resources

Sure your kids will likely have a backpack preference. And while this is totally okay, there are still certain recommended criteria to ensure that they remain safe at all times. In addition to being ergonomically designed, backpacks should weigh no more than 5 to 10 percent of your kid’s body weight. Also teach your children to wear both backpack straps at the same time, as to evenly distribute the weight and prevent back injuries. Consider the tripping hazards involved with rolling backpacks. Should your child have a rolling backpack, you will want to explain to them to be cognizant of the bag, other people, and their surroundings at all times. 

It may seem silly, but the type of backpack that you provide your child should fit certain criteria to be safe. Choose a backpack that is ergonomically designed and weighs no more than 5 to 10 percent of your child’s body weight. Be sure that your child uses both straps to evenly distribute the weight. Although rolling backpacks help to prevent back injuries, they should only be used carefully, as they can create a tripping hazard for others. Be sure to make your children aware of this. 

3. Preventing strangulation 

It is easy for children to get caught on various objects and create a strangulation hazard for themselves when they are playing sports or even just on the playground. That is why it is in your best interest to remove any strangulation risks for your children that you can. One such thing that you can do is to remove necklaces and jackets with drawstrings from their person. If your child complains of a head injury, it is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. 

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