Swimming Pool Accidents in New Mexico

MPJ Law Firm explains how you can take legal action if you have been injured from a swimming pool accident.

Who is liable when a child is injured in a public pool?

With temperatures soaring in New Mexico, more families are turning to the pool for relief from the heat and a day of fun.  Swimming pools are synonymous with summer. Families without a pool in their backyard will often use public pools, community pools, or head to area water parks.  While swimming can be great fun, it can also prove dangerous for children. According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death across the world.  Over 350,000 people die by drowning annually worldwide, with children between the ages of one and four being the most frequent victims.  It is vital that parents understand the steps needed to keep their children safe while in and around the pool this summer.

Be Vigilant Around the Water

If you are the parent of a young child or an older child who is not yet a strong swimmer, you will want to review some safety tips to help ensure your child is safe.  Consider observing the following:

  1. Pay close attention to your child at all times when in and around the water;
  2. Never leave your child unattended near the water;
  3. Take steps to teach your child how to swim, which could include survival swim classes for very young children;
  4. Be sure that your pool at home has a proper barrier and alarm on the doors as well as around the pool or spa;
  5. Ensure your pool or any pool you visit has the correct drain covers;
  6. Learn how to perform CPR on your child or an adult;
  7. If multiple adults are present, consider putting one adult in charge of the children, then establish a clear rotation schedule to prevent lapses in the supervision of the children;
  8. Do not rely on water wings or pool noodles to keep non-swimmers safe.

Public pool safety

Public pools must take steps to ensure the pool is safe for its intended use.  This includes proper maintenance, replacement of drain caps, and the like. Not all pools provide lifeguards.  When an accident happens at a public pool, the owner of the pool could potentially be held accountable. Often, the owner is the state or city, making the matter more complex as issues of immunity may exist.  Contact a personal injury lawyer right away if your child has suffered a pool accident. 

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